islamic Funerals in oxford

‘O soul at peace: Return to your Lord, well pleased and well pleasing. Enter among My servants, and enter My Paradise’

– The Qur’an 89:27–30

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We obtain the relevant documentation to complete the burial, and liaise with local councils.

Prayer & Burial

The funeral prayer (janaza) and burial (dafan) are arranged, for both local and international repatriation.

Whoever washes a deceased person, shrouds him, safeguards him, carries him, and offers the funeral prayer for him, without disclosing what he has seen — such a person will emerge from his sins as on the day his mother bore him.

the messenger of allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) 

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Many people today do not have the knowledge or means to carry out Islamic funeral services for their loved ones. Your financial contributions will help us preserve traditional Islamic burial rites and make them available to our community. Contributions are also an opportunity to leave a donation in perpetuity (sadaqah jariyah) for you and anyone you intend it for — a reward you will reap in the Hereafter, insha’Allah.